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At this clinic we aim to treat and diagnose your foot problem and offer advice on appropriate aftercare such as exercises, cream, orthoses and padding, which can improve foot comfort between appointments. 

Footcare is not just for the elderly, look after your feet now and they will serve you better in the future.


Routine Chiropody/Podiatry; Corns, callus, cracked heels, these can be treated by careful removal with scapel, after which appropriate padding or cream will be advised to help prevent/delay reoccurence.

Problem Nails; thickened/fungal nails, can be treated using a high speed burr which can thin the nail making more manageable between appointments. Ingrown /involuted nails, edges of nail can be gently cleared or if persistant nail surgery can be arranged, whereby, all or part of toenail can be removed under local anaesthesia and nail matrix destroyed to prevent regrowth

Verruca - These are contagious and unfortunately these can be very persistant. If they are painful or spreading we can treat with acid, which latest research suggests can be 70% successful. Best prevention of spreading is to keep covered with waterproof plaster and avoid walking bare feet at home and in communal areas such as gym/ pool changing rooms.On assessment we will decide whether acid or cryotherapy is the most appropriate treatment sometimes if singular verruca we will offer a cheaper follow up.

Simple Nail Cutting - shorter session time for routine nail care.

Biomechanics - following assessment of the body posture and foot position alongside gait analysis, bespoke orthoses or temporary insoles and exercises can be advised to help a range of foot and lower limb pain from recurrent sporting injuries to plantar fasciitis.

Casted orthotics can be prescribed following biomechanical assessment.Please ask for an hour appointment.

Warm wax therapy and Dr Remedy nail paint

Soothe away aches and pains with a warm wax foot wrap this can be added to your normal podiatry treatment or nail cut for the ultimate relaxation. Or for the complete pamper package add a nail paint to any treatment. Please advise staff when booking so extra time can be allocated to your appointment

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